Cable Gate is an award winning innovative automatic security gate system for controlling vehicle access to and from private or secured properties

Engineering Excellence Awards

Award Winning Automatic Gate Technology

A thick stainless steel cable securely locked between two steel posts positioned either side of an entry provides an effective physical barrier against unauthorised vehicle access.

With the convenience of automatic control, authorised access is provided from within the comfort and safety of your vehicle.

A motor housed inside the master post drives down a latch, releasing the cable to lie flat on the ground. After a vehicle has passed through, the cable is automatically drawn back up and locked again inside the post to re-secure the entry.

Engineering Exellence Award

The high standard of engineering applied to the Cable Gate design is recognized in the product winning the 2004 Engineers Australia Engineering Excellence Award, and becoming short–listed in the 2004 Australian Design Awards.

Cable Gate Vehicle Access Control

Cable Gate is an innovative automatic chain style gate designed to control unauthorised traffic flow.

Cable Gate has been installed throughout Australia and New Zealand for nearly 20 years. It is a reliable and tested product that has been installed in many varied applications including schools, retail centres, hospitals, industrial properties, holiday parks, residential complexes, townhouse parking areas, retirement villages, sporting clubs, restricted access laneways, public carparks, loading zones, mine sites and rural properties. The solar powered option is a great and popular alternative when mains power is not readily available.

With its clean design Cable Gate, is an unimposing alternative to boom and sliding gates. It blends sympathetically with both commercial and landscape environments and would be a great solution to controlling vehicles in your application. Whether its slowing cars in your strata complexes, securing parking spaces at your workplace or deterring car damage and theft - Cable Gate is a great solution.

If you need to secure entrances from 4m to 13m wide then Cable Gate can be installed virtually anywhere as it requires no opening space above, below or alongside the gate. With its modular design, repair is both quick and simple.

Safety has been front and centre in the design of Cable Gate. Quality and Safety features have been considered every step of the way in the design and fabrication. Operating off a low voltage with battery backup avoids the hazards of 240-volt power supply and ensures the gate will continue to work even if power is disrupted. With brilliant white posts, reflective decals and bright yellow sheathing over the main cable it is highly visible.

Cable Gate can be operated by a multitude of access control systems that provide you quick, convenient access while denying access to unauthorized persons. Whether it’s a simple keypad, time clock, access card, remote control or more technologically developed radiofrequency identification tags (RFID) or smartphone-based access control systems, the experts at Access Technologies can assist you in determining the best solution for your application.

Cable Gate has been leading the market in vehicle access control gates since 2000. It’s durability and reliability has been established through extensive workshop testing and many units from those early days are still in operation and going strong. Cable Gate is supplied with 12 months Manufacturers Parts and Labour Warranty.

Our team of motivated, dedicated, and highly skilled Engineers, Designers, and Technicians are available to assist your company in the design of a perimeter security solution. Contact us to provide a no obligation quotation.

Designed & Manufactured by Access Technologies. Cable Gate is patent protected on a worldwide basis.
Engineering Excellence Awards