Cable Gate

Cable Gate is an innovative automatic security gate system for controlling vehicle access to and from private or secured properties.

A thick stainless-steel cable is securely locked between two steel posts positioned either side of an entry, providing an effective physical barrier against unauthorised vehicle access.

With the convenience of automatic control, authorised access is provided from within the comfort and safety of your vehicle.

A motor housed inside the master post drives down a latch, releasing the cable to lay flat on the ground. After a vehicle has passed through, the cable is automatically drawn back up and locked again inside the post, re-securing the entry.

How it works

Upon receiving an "open" command, the Locking Latch inside the Master Post is instantly pulled down allowing the Main Cable to fall to the ground under the action of gravity. The Counterweight Bar on the outside of the Passive Post helps to pull the Main Cable out of the Master Post, and lay the cable flat on the ground so that authorised vehicles may enter through the Gate.

Designed & Manufactured by Access Technologies. Cable Gate is patent protected on a worldwide basis.
Engineering Excellence Awards